Flying Lotus Collecting Donations For New Project

Mr. Lotus (Flying Lotus that is) is an official international star, Steve Ellison’s roots in Northeast Los Angeles continue to inform and inspire the producer, whether found in the many fellow artist on his Brainfeeder label, or in a new project announced in conjunction with filmmaker Miwa Matreyek and the Center For Creative Arts – Eagle Rock, a facility offering “innovative and multicultural art education opportunites through workshops, after school programming, and arts camps.”

The two artists explained in an announcement that the project, titled “The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come,” will consist of “inspiration and direct sampling of northeast Los Angeles’ imagery and sounds to create The Mapping of Countries Yet to Come, a piece that celebrates the present communities surrounding Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.”

The project itself will debut out the Center next June. To fund “TMOCYTC,” the Center For Creative Arts is collecting tax-deductable donations. And to sweeten the pot, all donations received between August 1-November 30, 2011 will be doubled through a Matching Grant from the LA County Arts Commission Cultivate/Create Initiative. Nice to see some of our tax dollars going to such exciting projects.

CLICK HERE to give a little $$$ to help make this project a success.



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