Thought of the daY: Most Popular Marijuana Myths

Myth: Marijuana causes permanent mental illness. Especially among teenagers, marijuana use can cause psychological damage, as well as promote deadly, irrational behaviors while they are under the influence of marijuana.
Fact: There is no reliable scientific evidence or research that shows that marijuana can cause psychological damage in teenagers or adults. Some users do experience small psychological distress from feeling of panic, anxiety, and paranoia, though this all depends on the user and the effects are temporary. Marijuana does not cause any drastic changes in a person’s behavior. If you’ve ever smoked before you would know the most dramatic change in your behavior is your munchies and your willingness to do nothing.

Myth: Marijuana is highly addictive, and long term users experience physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Often detox and rehab programs are needed to break the habit.
Fact: Majority of marijuana smokers only do it occassionally to relax. Less than one percent smoke marijuana on a daily basis. Marijuana users who seem to develop withdrawal symptoms are just used to being high all the time, it may be a problem for a heavy smoker who is used to smoking a lot and being high a lot, but after a few days they are back to normal. Some heavy marijuana smokers can stop without any difficulty at all. There are no physical withdraw symptoms, just the formation of a habit that some people find hard to break.

Myth: Marijuana is a lot more potent today than back in the day, this causes the marijuana to be much more dangerous than before.
Fact: This myth was based on extremely low-THC samples that the DEA used to create a dramatic increase in potency. Potency of average marijuana back in the day was around 2% THC, while premium marijuana was about 7%. Today’s average marijuana has a 4% THC content, while premium marijuana today has 9% THC content. That’s a whopping change of 2%! Let’s say marijuana THC content did increase dramatically, that wouldn’t make it more dangerous, it wouldn’t make it any more harmful, it would just take alot less to get high so people would end up smoking less. The people that do smoke alot of weed would just be really stoned for several hours.
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