StraiN of THe DaY: Australian Blue

Flowering Time: 75-80 Days
Grown Indoor or Outdoor?: Indoor/Outdoor
Parents: Australian Duck x Blue Haze
Type: Sativa 90% / Indica 10%
Indoor Yield: 20-25g per plant
Buzz: Uplifting buzz
Taste/Smell: Lemony taste and smell

Homegrown Fantaseeds have crossed their prize-winning strain Blue Haze with Australian Duck, a Australian Sativa that was given to them in 1999 by friends from down under. In the marijuana world, Australia is well-known as one the best places for Sativa marijuana plants. Australian Duck provides a classic lemon grove musk and the well-known Sativa high to this hybrid cross.

Due to its Sativa heritage and the Haze influence, Australian Blue is a long plant that stretches out, branches, and grows tall. The bottom branches are naturally thicker as it forms the typical Christmas tree shape while growing. Being in Australia while growing this marijuana strain isn’t a requirement. It will grow well in any locale that will support a lengthy 11 week flowering cycle and the temperature stays above 62 degrees F. Australian Blue can be grown successfully indoors if you don’t have a climate similar to Australia’s. Fantaseeds recommend growing this strain in soil. You can expect around a quarter of an ounce per plant indoors.

This haze-Sativa cross gives you a lucid and uplifting high that can sometimes be psychedelic. If you harvest this strain too early, the high can get a little speedy. If you harvest it at the right time, though, Australian Blue will not disappoint any Sativa fans with a thoughtful and creative high that is suitable for any activity.


One Response to “StraiN of THe DaY: Australian Blue”

  1. Beautiful work mate this is a beautiful plany a great strain love it I hope to grow many like this myself using This Book to help me do that! Thanks for the beautiful pictures man

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