Forty Year Old Proof That Federal Marijuana Policy Is Too Harsh

40 years ago, The “National Commission On Marihuana And Drug Abuse” recommended that Congress amend federal law so that the use and possession of cannabis would no longer be a criminal offense

In the four decades since the Nixon administration and Congress rejected the recommendations of the Shafer Commission, an estimated 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana-related offenses, according to annual data compiled by the FBI. Upwards of 80 percent of those arrested were charged with possession only offenses, not sales or trafficking.

“Failing to implement the recommendations issued by the Shafer Commission to decriminalize minor marijuana offenses has costs taxpayers tens of billions of dollars and unnecessarily ruined the lives of millions of otherwise law abiding American citizens,” said NORML’s Executive Director Allen St. Pierre.

Check out our good friends over @ WB for the full story


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